Flow - Summary from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

I love how some things always come back in life. When you attract certain things they will follow you a life long! Many years ago I read the book "Flow" in German! Now I got a little summary in English I wanna share with the blog community. Of course it flows in English even more!

And everyone who understands "flow" knows that being creative, do what you love, do it often - is easy to get into flow! My flow surf and yoga, nature and photography and many more. Every night I go to bed I can't wait to get up next morning and do what I love the most: Flow ...

Summary from the book "Flow":

Working on something special brings people into a particular state of happiness and joy, which Csikszentmihalyi calls „flow": The greatest moments of happiness and pleasure occurred when people pursued a creative activity.

You’re completely focused on one thing and can block out the outside world. There is a feeling of clarity. You know what to do now, and what the next step looks like. An inner certainty tells you that the task is to create your own ideas and actions to move forward. There are no doubts about the outcome or what others might think. The time flies by—forgotten—it’s not important. The inner motivation is enough of a drive to just do it.

Do more of what makes you happy—This is a common saying shared on the Internet. It’s available to buy as a sticker. Do more of what makes you happy. Easier said than done. Even if we know what makes us happy, the beginning is often infinitely difficult.

Often enough our own doubts stand in our way. The fear of not having the necessary abilities, not being a professional. The question of whether it’s worth the work involved. What if the attempt fails?

Once the doubts take over, the creative confidence goes out the window. The longer you reflect on it, the harder it is to get started.


Don't waste your time. Start now! Be your own creator and go with the flow!




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